How to install Docker engine


I was trying to install docker engine on my x86 machine running on VirtualBox powered by OpenWRT Operating System. Can someone help me install Docker engine one OpenWRT.

and .... ?

root@whale:[~]#opkg list-installed | grep docker
docker - 20.10.12-1
docker-compose - 1.28.2-1
dockerd - 20.10.12-1
luci-app-dockerman - v0.5.13
luci-lib-docker - git-21.167.46325-83f6606
python3-docker - 4.4.1-1
python3-dockerpty - 0.4.1-3

and install ubuntu alpine base image and check some networking for a project. I will be executing the commands in the container

I dont find any docker demon installed in the kernal now. I am currently using OpenWRT 19.07.2 a stable release

I'd start here:

Also, look into LXC containers - the software selection is less but I know Alpine is on there.

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Hello, now i know that docker is installed but I have this error. can someone help to overcome this issue?

"Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at unix:///var/run/docker.sock. Is the docker daemon running?"

I see that dockerd is not installed and tried to install with the opkg install dockerd, but i am getting response as memory low. i have created with heavy RAM on my VM.

you sure memory == RAM and not disk ?

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Yes i am sure that it is RAM and not the flash. But i dont know how it has occupied 4GB almost. Could you please help me to remove the unwanted packages and install the deamon of Docker?