How to install Adblock?

I don’t need something as advanced as Adguard Home. But I need Adblock functionality. As I know OWRT supports Adblock plugin. Can you please provide me information about how to install this?

@frollic thank you for your reply!

What is this? It is GUI?

yes, that's the webUI part.

So if I am installing Adblock I need to install WebUI separately to make it work?

you can probably work it out via cli too, but it'll take some extra time.

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No no. I mean I need both of packages to have GUI? Or only one?

Will it work on Gl-Inet?

you need the adblock package, and the luci package.

if you're using gl.inet's openwrt, we can't tell, it's a black box for us.

This is a pretty detailed tutotial how to install and configure Adblock in OpenWRT: