How to input static ip provided by isp

i have to use static ip provided by isp to connect to internet , did i put the static ip in correct place ?

if is your static IP, then you did.

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i also put dns in, but i dont have internet

where, on the router, or the clients ?

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This is a private, non-publicly routed IP address, or actually a /26 subnet. Your ISP must have given you a bit more information as well like the gateway address...

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router has no internet


did you put all that in ?

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the broadcast is very likely incorrect.

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can i completely remove it ? my isp did not supply me with that i did it myself.

I'd remove it ...

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removed it , still no internet

on different thought im getting ping to or but i am getting ping to

where did and .23 come from ?
where from are you pinging ?

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i edited the above post i AM GETTING ping is my ip provided by isp, is my gateway provided by isp

im pinging using win+r shortcut

if ping works, does pinging work ?

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cant ping google

can you ping ?

was the DNS provided by your ISP too ?

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good sir, thank you for sticking with me, i have managed to fix the issue by enabling 2 check boxes

now i need to figure how to enable the wifi :stuck_out_tongue:
thank you once again.

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pretty sure the 2nd one is the default setting, so you must have changed it yourself ...