How to get upload and download speed from wan side

Hi ,

I want to calculate upload and download speed from wan side but,without using iperf packages (due to memory isssue).

Can anyone help me how can i achieve this?

assuming openwrt does not run on the device with the physical wan-connection (dsl-/cable-modem) there is no easy way to get the sync rate.

you could try with # time wget <fixed-size-file> and then calculate the effective transfer speed.

I would like to add that sync speeds on xdsl links only give an upper bound for the achievable speed, as often ISPs employ additional traffic shapers upstream of the dsl link (partially to save the dslam from overload) and the sync rates typically include additional overhead (100-10048/54 = 11% for ATM/AAT5, 100-10064/65 = 1.5% for VDSL2/PTM) that will not directly translate into measurable speed to and from the internet...