How to get Thermal to work on/with x86

Hi out there,

My openwrt x86 is running nice :slight_smile:

I have added statistics [processor, interfaces, system load, memory, ping, sensors, thermal] where all work great except for thermal.

browsed around, but could not really find any info I could use except [OpenWrt-Devel,1/9] hwmon-coretemp: add thermal monitor for Core/Core2/Atom but honestly that is a bit over my head, so :slight_smile: i wonder anyone here can help me out?

Lots of thanks in advance - Steen

search online regarding your chipset and linux / lm-sensors...

be specific about your exact platform and what you have tried.

I did searches, but came a bit empty-handed as not much information found, can be me who it the wrong.
With same hardware I had the thermal information using older versions of pfsense, ipfire and one or two others.
This is my first try with openwrt on a x86 platform, I have openwrt running at my other home on a R7800 but at this location in my ignorance I got an R8000P which cannot run openwrt.
For this reason I am using x86 instead of using more money on openwrt compatible router.
The x86 is having a Jetway motherboard (NF96FL-510-LF), 1 1G LAN (realtek), 3 1G LAN (Intel) 4 Gb RAM, 120 Gb SSD, Atom D510, chipset Intel NM10.

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search for "lm-sensors openwrt" or "lm-sensors it87/f718/etc" plenty of information ( on each... you have to combine them )

Many thanks