How to get reception power

Hi guys,

I will buy a router and install OpenWRT to make a project at my university.
The ideia is connect two routers: one in client mode and another in AP mode. But, for this project, I need to acess the reception power in the client. I don't want the RSSI, but the reception power in dbm. Anyone knows how to get this (if that is possible)? I will work with 802.11b/g/n/ac.

Take a look at Finally got 802.11v working (FULLY) - Few pointers and How does rrm work?.

They have explanations and code to get the client status information including reception quality. In some devices this is directly the 802.11 defined RCPI dBm figure, although other types of reporting can also be used.

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iw dev wlan0 station dump | grep signal

(FYI, the iw command says not to screescrape.)