How to force OWrt in WRT1900 router to use USB3?

Hi all,
I successfully installed OpwnWrt on router above. I use it with USB 3g stick for internet access. It has got two USB ports. It works well in USB2 port shared with eSATA. I would prefer to use genuine blue USB3 port for the 3g stick. During installation it somehow was once working in USB3 when I installed support for USB3.
But after reset/reboot it works only in USB2/eSATA.
Is ther any way as to tell OpwnWrt to use USB3 for 3g dongle? I believe a complete support for USB3 is installed as it once worked.
Thank you!

Are you sure your USB 3G dongle supports USB 3.0? Even Advanced HSPA+ cannot saturate USB2.0's 480Mbps throughput.

I do not need it works on usb3 speed. The reason is I want to use usb3 connector as usb2 connector is shared with eSATA and I do not like it at all.
As I wrote it was working in usb3 connector but only once when I installed support for usb3 hardware.
What I need is that OpenWrt finds 3g usb stick also in usb3 connector. Now it finds it only in usb2 shared connector.

The USB 3.0 port is driven by XHCI driver, so you will need the USB 3.0 support package even if you plug a USB 2.0 device in it.

Yes, I do have this driver.
I had dongle in usb3 socket. The moment I entered "opkg install xhci......" it did work.
But after reboot the dongle is only found in usb2/eSata socket though complete support for usb3 is installed.
I need to tell somehow OWrt to search and use it in usb3 socket or somehow block usb2 support with some command in rc.local

On this series of routers, some USB devices are not detected on the USB3 port, when the device is plugged in before booting, but they work fine if you plug them in after booting.

I think toggling the VBUS GPIO after booting may help.

Any idea how to do this? It would be equivalent to remove/insert usb dongle? Does any command for this exist that can be used in rc.local?