How to force DNS with AdGuard home & wireguard VPN

I have separated my local network into multiple VLANs and run AdGuard Home. I added two Wireguard VPN interfaces that work well, too. I also use policy-based routing to ensure that one IP uses a separate Wireguard interface. This works well. I still have DNS leaks from AdGuard, which means that despite using VPN, the AGH DNS servers are still shown. This is fine for all devices except one.

How can I make sure that this respective IP does not have the DNS leaks with the Wireguard connection. I am not sure whether it is possible, but I would not need AdGuard Home for that IP.


I should google more before posting here - sorry!

In case someone has the same question, here is my solution: Add the VPN DNS into the client settings in AGH for this specific IP --> no more leaks

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