How to force 802.11ax only and disable any other protocols

How to disable any other protocols and enable 802.11ax only for ipq807x series devices?

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removed, might have been incorrect.

It will still advertise i.e a/n/ac/ax. I believe this option is more like support up to ax, and not only ax.

Last I looked it wasn't in the GUI, but you can manually add it to an AP config:

option require_mode 'ax'

(I haven't actually verified this works as intended, but it causes no errors. My home setup is AX by design rather than AP policy: Wi-Fi hwmode values seems to be out-dated)

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Yeah, that was my point. In Luci it will change htmode.

However, I'm curious if you can add multiple modes, like 'axn' or something to require_mode.

require_mode sets the minimum, you can’t set multiple protocols. You pick one and everything above that (and including) is allowed.
If by “axn” you were referring to ax and n on 2.4ghz, then just set require mode to “n”.
If you meant ax and n, but not ac, on 5ghz, that isn’t possible AFAIK.


Seems at least you can set require_mode to ac:

@lantis1008 My uninformed guess would be ac works for 802.11n on 2,4 GHz as well, since the spec for 2,4 GHz wasn't updated from 802.11n to 802.11ac. Or am I wrong?

I’m not certain, I would need to try it.
A quick look at the hostapd code suggest it might do nothing. There are lots of flags like

if (hapd->iconf->ieee80211ac && hapd->iconf->require_vht)

So because ac shouldn’t be set on 2.4 this might just cancel out?

I haven’t got an AP configured I could try it with at the moment.