How to flash Zyxel EX5601-T0 openwrt

Dear all
is there any simple an easy tutorial in how to flash Zyxel EX5601-T0 with openwrt because i tried but it's hard from fo follow.
I need some help from you
my Zyxel EX5601-T0 with original Zyxel (stock) firmware
with regards

thank you frollic it's not clear for me!!!! sorry but would you please show direct link for openwrt img for zyxel ex5601-t0? and for flashing is it via webgui if ex5601-t0? if yes do i hane to install upgrade as well or what? do i have to use ttl usb?

What's not clear ? and type ex5601.

That's what the "add support" links tell you.

there is two img wich one?

Depends on if you want to stick with the manufacturers flash layout, or not.

I assume the "Openwrt uboot layout" version gives you more flash space for additional sw.

Restoring Zyxels fw is probably easier with the default layout.

Note, I modified the post for the openwrt file DL.

i get image uploade failed

Didn't really read the "add support" links from my earlier post, did you ?

I hope that you understand people's capabilities in the way they understand the, and I hope that you will be patient with me, i can't uploade the img

It's hard to miss, since you already posted a screen shot.

Did any of those entries you were told read, but didn't, tell you to flash anything using the Zyxel webUI ?

i got
"Configuration uploading failed. The selected file contains an illegal Configuration setting."

i access the router via ssh or telnet and i disable firmware version check and model check by running the following commands.
zycli fwidcheck off
zycli modelcheck off
and i reboot device and try to uploade img but without successful

You do realize the steps preceding the commands you ran, weren't optional, right ?

The issue is only a matter of abilities, and I hope you do not get upset with me. In any case, I thank you very much for your patience and assistance to me, and I believe that with regard to my abilities, I will not be able to do that.
thank you frollic