How to Flash openwrt on Samknows WB8+?

Hi everyone,

I have received a free samknows WB8+ which most possibly is an MTK 7621 cpu powered router with antennas. But however after searching online for openwrt support, I couldnt find any solution for flashing it. One close solution I got is

But trying it didnt help, also scanned the ports with NMAP, seems like they are all blocked out.

If anyone has a solution please let me know.

In any case if ttl helps, I am ready to go for ttl and mess around with it. But what type of ttl if anyone can give me pictures. It would be helpful thanks.

my SK-WB8+ pictures are attached with this.

According to the wiki page, installation is not very complicated, but requires a serial connection.

but my one seems to be WB8+ with Antennas would it work? also heard there needs some baud rate configuration how to do that? if i dont give a exact value, the terminal would not come properly right?

also can you send a pic of that cable and tool thanks

AFAIK they haven't figured out how to flash it.

yeah saw that post, but he is probably getting an encrypted response or something. It probably needs to be decoded. and I took pictures of the hardware and compared it with WB8 it seems to be same except for the antennas and some new heatsinks and spreaders.:

the board is the same, but this time, they added antennas, which is dumb and useless.

Flash here is the Winbond W971GG6NB-25 136pga


Maybe we need to make it boot to failsafe mode and debug with the serial ttl but I am not much of a expert.

did you read the other thread, and understood what the issue is ?

not much but I ordered a usb serial ttl from amazon, will get to understand and know more then