How to flash ipq6018 8devices Mango DVK firmware via u-boot

I would like to use the 8devices_mango-dvk device firmware for ipq6018. I have an ipq6018-cp01-c4 board, and I have completed compiling the firmware. How do I flash it onto the board?


Please dont tag me for questions like these, read the device support commit, its nicely written there


This was not flashed using u-boot. However, I'm interested in knowing how to flash it using u-boot

interrupt u-boot, figure out which options it's offering ?

why were you tagging @robimarko in the 1st place ?
he didn't submit the install instruction.

I noticed that he is reviewing the OpenWrt source code on GitHub, and I think he should understand the issue

you not knowing how it's done (if we assume it's doable) isn't an "issue", it's a knowledge gap.

also, openwrt doesn't provide support for u-boot, we utilize it.
if you have issues with u-boot, ask elsewhere.

Yeah, you're right

So can you help me with my confusion


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