How to exposure 80 and 443 port to public?

I tried a lot methods from google. none working now. other ports than 80/443 exposured successfully and ipv6 can exposure 80 and 443 port, but ipv4 failed
my openwrt version is OpenWrt 21.02.1,

I have tried use port forward, but failed

FYI: my router has a public ipv4 address

you shouldn't really expose yourself in public, but if you need, check if you've got a public IP4 address on your WAN port.

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I really get a public ipv4 address, because other port exposured succefully

In that case, perhaps your ISP is blocking incoming traffic on port 80 and 443 ?

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it's possible

I will try to close my isp modern firewall

is openwrt made any special block?

Openwrt blocks everything incoming from the outside, there are no exceptions nor specials.

Let's see the rules you have applied:
uci export firewall; iptables-save -c -t filter
Make sure you have tried to access the ports from the wan to have hits on the firewall.

it turns out isp blocked these ports

Bummer, then open some other port in the router, and redirect them internally to 80 and/or 443.

You don’t really need specifically 80 and 443 to access OpenWRT. You can set up what ever port you want in the uhttpd config.

Don't have to touch uhttpd, just change the port for the incoming traffic in the firewall.

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