How to export installed packages as ipk

Hello all,

I am running two D-Link DAP-X1860 with OpenWRT 23.05-rc3. For security reasons I have (annoyingly) updated the packages hostapd-common and wpad-mbedtls. Since then the WiFi is without function.
Instead of resetting the device and restoring the config, I had a custom-image generated. Unfortunately, this also contains the faulty versions.
Now I have a second running AP and would like to either clone it or at least export the two packages, but I could not find anything in the wiki and the forum.

Does anyone have the hint?


Are you merely considering the versions as faulty due to the failed experience when updating?

If so, you may wish to review this Wiki page:


So you ask how to export the 2 packages from the one with the working Wifi to imprt on the one with the broken Wifi, because this seems the least effort, to repair the broken one, without loosing the current config?

Since you still have LAN-access: Why not simply sysupgrade the broken one to a plain 23.05rc3 image, while keeping config settings?

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Thanks for your answer. :slight_smile:

Because a sysupgrade from/to 23.05-rc3 always includes the "new" wpad-mbedtls, as well as hostapd-common version
2023-09-08 is included.
The version that was previously installed, ran without problems and I now want to reinstall is: 2023-06-22

However, the problems persist even if I build a new 23.05-rc3 image through the firmware-selector, because this brings the versions 2023-09-08 also.
Background: I have to replace wpad-basic-mbedtls with the full version wpad-mbedtls for functional reasons.

After I installed 23.05-rc4 as a test, the WiFi is functional again.
I'm just surprised that the firmware selector generates a "broken" image by packing incompatible versions.

Thanks in any case for the tip @lleachii

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Glad it worked for you.
You might want to keep a local copy of the generated custom image.
So when you try any sysupgrade in the future that has issues again, you have this known working older custom image as fallback.

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I wasn't aware you were making an image with the Firmware Selector - I thought you ran the commands opkg update && opkg upgrade foo

Nonetheless, glad it's wokring for you now.

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