How to enter the Root folder?

Hi is there a file browser to enter the following folder: I want to check if there any other playlist stored which i uploaded before onto my openwrt router.


I have putty , but in putty i just can write commands.

Is there a way to enter the mentioned folder and delete existing playlists in openwrt?

No, as far a I know there is no LuCI module for managing files. I think you will have to use the command line.

If you are on Windows, use WinSCP.

You will need to set the protocol to SCP.

could you explain how to lohin onto my router?

You install WinSCP, start it. You get the dialogue for Login. Fill it as the following:

Protocol: SCP
Host name: Your router's LAN IP (same as what you use for PuTTy)
Port number: leave it as 22
User name: Your router's user name (same as what you use for PuTTy)
Password: Your router's password (same as what you use for PuTTy)

Try this command
find / -iname *.m3u

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