How to enable SSH/TELNET on Openwrt OEM firmware

Hello, i hope you're doing great; I have a wireless router with pre-installed OPENWRT Firmware, but the problem is that the access via SSH or TELNET is disabled, I can only access the router via a limited web management page where i can't find an option to enable the SSH/TELNET .
For the information the router brand is unknown and it has a MT7621DA CPU, 16MB Flash, 128MB Ram.
Can you please help me to find out a solution to enable the SSH/TELNET on it.

Pretty much all consumer routers run openwrt or lede.

Ask the manufacturer....

I really already did ask the manufacturer before, but still no answer :confused:

There's nothing we can do.

You could try to reverse engineer the fw, and either try to brute force the password, reset, or change it.

Depending on version, there might be some exploits available as well.


In many cases the client programs (dropbear, telnetd, etc.) aren't even present in the firmware.

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See if you have any model information on status/overview page.

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Serial console might be an option too.


Is it real question or joke?

Of course its real bro cuz I'm struggling to get access to the router via SSH/TELNET..!!

Give couple of web-interface screenshots.

Hello bro, there is a bunch of screenshots

here it is:

There is nothing really identifiable from your screenshots to indicate what OpenWrt version, if any, the OS is based on. If it is indeed based on OpenWrt, it is clearly very heavily customized/ And the product page doesn't mention OpenWrt at all.

Because your device is certainly not running anything resembling an official OpenWrt build, you will have to rely on the manufacturer (who you said did not reply to your questions) or other websites dedicated to that brand/device. Your other option would be to buy a router that is supported by the official OpenWrt builds.

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What does that mean?

You replied to the wrong person - I'm not the owner of that device and it was other person who posted the screenshots.

OK, thank you, what does it mean 'Security access switch'? And 'My Router Information'?

Yes, I agree. It is not OpenWRT, the links on web-pages are different, as the whole interface.

Doh! lol! I should pay more attention to which 'reply' button I hit.

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