How to enable ip packets fragmentation in OpenWrt?

i gets this message on ps4 " The router in use might not support IP packet fragmentation, and some network features of the PS4 might be restricted"

Is your PS4 hardwired or wireless? What is your network topology? Are you using SQM? Do you have UPnP installed?

Found out answers to part of my questions:

ps4 is hardwired, i am using openwrt on virtualbox that is connected to another router with dhcp disabled and bridged ADSL Connection ( pppoe) to openwrt ,sqm disabled , yes upnp is installed and disabled and i have fullconenat enabled

i tried with another router and i gets same error and i tried echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_no_pmtu_disc to enable fragmentation but with no luck it didn't work

@DjiPi, for context:

OP failed to mention they've done some work on this before...and at that time - the router did so. :wink:

Also, this is not the only [active - nor the only current] thread made by the OP on this:

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