How to edit zram-swap?

Hi !
Installed zram-swap on archer c20 v4 and it has 64 megabytes of RAM,
28 megabits in free swap (swap) and 100% downloaded, how to add another 28 megabits?
or I don't understand something? I am newbie
And so everything works fine, I installed this package for speed.
After about 5 minutes, downloading Free swap (swap) fell by 96% and writes freely 1 megabyte
Although not 100%, already happy :slight_smile:

By default zram-swap is about half of the detected RAM. You can adjust the size by adding the following line in /etc/config/system:

option zram_size_mb '36'

Adjust 36 to your needs. Good luck.

Thanks, at least I know where to look
I didn’t notice right away, it turns out that Lucy has a new ZRam Settings item in the system partition and
you can change the size there. I set it to 56 megabits and still the download went to 100% :slight_smile:
I returned it back to 28. Now I think if there is any point in this package,
I still don’t understand whether it works better or nothing has changed.
Tell me how to understand whether this package works or not and what is loaded into Free swap (swap) at 100%,
I still don’t understand

ZRam should be used only in OOM situations (Out Of Memory) like random reboots etc. .64MB should be enough for standard router operations even in recent trunk. Also ZRam usage is CPU hungry so can kill SQM and Routing performance

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I didn’t notice the load, how it worked, and it’s working, I continue to test further,
sqm, https-dns-proxy, adblock are installed and while the flight is normal,
although I previously fired ipv6 as not needed and while everything is working fine, I just don’t understand,
zram is needed whether it is for me or not, I will test further

Does it consume a lot of CPU constantly or only when compressing and decompressing is required?

That I did not notice any load at all, installed on three different models of routers. I just know that the memory RAM works at least 5 times faster than any flash drive and the number of rewriting at times more, respectively, according to logic, then, on the contrary, the load on the processor is less, since everything is instantly processed. I have RAM memory is also installed on a computer where the entire cache and temporary folders were transferred and judging by the computer’s work

I translated the text through Google translator and he does not always correctly convey thoughts :slight_smile:

The zram is not like the swap of other Linux that stores on the hard disk with its read and write limits, but it is a memory inside the RAM in which compressed data is stored to reduce the use of RAM in case of having little RAM as in a 64 MB device. And this consumes CPU to compress and decompress that data when needed. Or that's what it makes me think.

a partition was created from RAM and the operating system was loaded into it, as I understand it
install this zram-swap package yourself and try it, you can disable it in autoload

The entire operating system is not loaded. I don't know what is stored, but I guess it's like swap but in RAM and compressed. In my case the "Swap free" is 26.75 MiB / 27.00 MiB (99%).

zram actually works, full loading bar, it shows empty space and it shrinks when full.
I checked with adblock, without zram a maximum of 130k domains loaded, and with zram 230k domains loaded and there was still room)
on a router with 64 megabits of RAM

It remains to be seen if ad blocking is effective with a list of domains that are compressed.

I was worried that if the list of domain blocking suddenly loads more than necessary, the router will freeze, and zram gives odds, excludes the possibility of the router freezing due to lack of RAM

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