How to download packages required to build image using imagebuilder without building the image

I would like to know if there is any make target or some other way to download all the things need to build OpenWrt image using imagebuilder.

I am trying to create a Docker image which comes with all the things needed to build an OpenWrt image. So far, I am able to run all the steps and make image is producing images for all sub-target on x86.

However, I would like to include the packages required to build those images so that when I start the container from that image, minimal internet access is required. Currently, I'm doing that by really building the image and discard the bin and tmp directory but that is taking up too much time to build on Docker hub.

For your reference, here is the Docker image on Docker hub

I think there’s over 6000 packages. Mirroring and a local web server seems like the easiest approach, if you decide it makes sense with that volume of data.

Edit make download on build system, but that is for specific config, so would need to specify “everything” for packages to accomplish that. Direct mirror seems easier.

Understand mirroring all the packages doesn't make sense here, my goal is downloading those packages required to build the image by default.

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"make image" followed by rm -r bin/ tmp/ should achieve exactly that.

Does it mean there is no time saving way? Read: no need to run the dummy make image?

I would prefer not to run make image because I want to (ab)use the Docker hub to build the image for more targets, make image would take too long to run...