How to disable SSH?

How to disable SSH while building image? Will Just removing dropbear solve the purpose?

Yes, removing dropbear is enough for that.


Thanks, any other dependencies, that need to be corrected, so build won't fail.?

No dropbear in the image means no failsafe access. Removal after install is perhaps more prudent


You mean failsafe mode ? Can we disable SSH ? so that only way to access is luci web UI.
Would that affect Tftp download ?

OpenWrt failsafe mode, yes. No SSH server and without something else, you've got no access to failsafe mode.

TFTP is generally provided by the boot loader. OpenWrt firmware doesn't impact it's operation (except for the handful of devices that replace the boot loader).

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Yes, I had been using tftp to load new image. So as long I can load prebuilt image, I am good.
On other Topics too I had been asking about how to write pre-configured default settings. The whole purpose is that , we have an ISP here ,My relatives and friends use same. They provide their Modem. All we need is AP. Now I am planing of giving them pre configured password and other settings. Which they should use as a black box. And if they can just factory reset router. to get these settings back. That is how I plan to save my trouble when they play with settings and they come to me for help. I just can factory reset.

Update: I just built new image without including dropbear and it gave no errors. Hope it works well.

I still think that disabling failsafe mode will lead to more problems than it solves. It's that "last resort" that is helpful when things go wrong. You can disable running the SSH server with boot-time scripts, but still have it available in an emergency situation.


Ok got it. I will try to secure It with big long password. would be much better alternative.

Or use SSH keys and no password-only access


How is Luci more secure than SSH?
I'll second Jeff's opinion that it is a bad idea to disable it.

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Yes, after my last message with Jeff, I realised that. I am planing f keeping SSH and removing Luci.

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