How to disable HT rate?

Dear All,

is it possible to disable all HT rate on station, i just want station use legacy rate (11, 24, 36, 48 and 54Mbps) connect with AP. i`ve try to set supported_rate basic_rate in hostapd.conf, but station still connect ap with HT rate( 75M)
i just want to use the lower rate to get long distance connection.


option htmode ‘NOHT’

Dear lantis1008

Thanks ! it`s work fine in ap mode, but not working in station mode...


If an AP is not advertising n capability, stations will not try to transmit n to it. So you really don't have to configure the station end.

The g modulations really aren't any more SNR efficient than similar bit rates of n. If you have MIMO capability on both ends you should definitely stay with n. If you have ath9k devices on both ends you could try reducing chanbw to 5 or 10 MHz instead of the standard 20.