How to debrick xiaomi,mi-router-ax3000t router

I was imaging my xiaomi,mi-router-ax3000t router with openwrt and upon running sysupgrade , entire router doesnt give dhcp IP's anymore and has a constant orange light , factory reset also doesnt work. How can I succesfully fix this issue

    "system": "ARMv8 Processor rev 4",
    "model": "Xiaomi Mi Router AX3000T",

I had a similar problem with the Xiaomi AC2100 R2100 router. When I was changing the firmware the power went out! The router only worked on the wired network, but it could not know the IP. To return to the original, I followed the procedure described on this website, which is very similar ( and YouTube):


worked thanks but the issue is that firmware is not openwrt compataibe next time dont recommend it