How to ddns without username and password(

me and my friend, we both are laymen and dumb. so please give us a little slack.

i have openwrt installed on my glinet ax1800 using this guys image,
openwrt ax1800

I want to setup DDNS using, which doesnt have account or username or password.

So by default i cant see within luci if ddns works or not.

ofcourse i can use cron and it works flawlessly but would be nice to see it within luci as well.

things we want to achieve : have ipv4 and ipv6 both in one entry for ddns.
or do we have to make 2 entries?? one for v4 and another for v6?

Please guide us.

-p & j

You need to use token for password.

Thanks, i did same as you said and added the "username" too-- and it worked!

I would like to add steps here, just in case others are struggling.

I just examined the script....

i am sorryi dont understand.

ddns-scripts has a script for each provider/protocol listed, luci frontend has 2 fields username and password but their real names hide inside scripts....

oh, freemyip was not listed in it.

but thanks your initial username password token thingy worked.

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