How to create Multiple users in LuCI?

Hi Team,

I'm looking for a solution to create multiple user in openwrt. Already we have root user and i want to create one more user.

I have surfed a lot more in the openwrt website but none of them helped. Can anyone help on this?

Khaleel Ahamed A

Don't think LuCI has a module for this but you can use old-school utils, see:

Busybox not have useradd? might still work.

I have tried this one but additionally i need to restrict the webpage for the new user

I do not believe LuCI works like that. You restrict access via requiring a root password. I highly recommend you disable that and setup a tunneled ssh connection if this is feasible, see:

My requirement is need to have two users like root and user

root user will have access to all the webpages and newuser should have only limited webpages

See above ^^^

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how about the luci-app-acl:

Looks like this one is for accessing the LuCI securely, but what actually i need is having two different users for webpage.

For example:

  1. If root user as the previlege to access all the pages like Status, System, Network.
  2. New user should have access for Status page alone

The luci-app-acl


Thanks for your support @RadioOperator, your suggestion is working fine for making readonly to the entire page.

Is it possible to make readonly to the specific field of webpage for the new user and the same field should be read/write for root user?

In current openwrt packages, no specific control levels in it, and luci-app-acl no more control level to setup for it also.
If you need such functions, you have to make it all by yourself.

Thanks for your support!!!