How to create an image that contains all files inside of device

Hello all,
I have an onion omega board that have openwrt. I setup some packages and also wrote some script files. I wanna clone this image to another device with all files and packages . Is it possible ?

Thank you.


I guess i could not explain clearly.

I have an onion board with openwrt firmware and i want to get firmware from inside the device with all files to upload a new device from 0. maybe using usb or something like that .

I understood. The suggested method is to setup the device, configs, etc. then bundle them with your desired packages into an image.

On newer OpenWrt versions, you can backup each relevant partition - you would then restore them on the other devices.

This is not the suggested method, though.

:warning: In fact, if you restore improperly or use the wrong partitions, you can brick the device, make the WiFi unstable, etc.


Working with the mtds directly is not a good idea, as it's risky and will often clone data that must remain unique (wireless calibration data, MAC addresses, etc.) or which might even hard-brick (RAM training for 'invisibly' slightly different chipset revisions). Yes, it can be done if (big if) you know what you're doing, but if you do, you generally have better ways at your disposal.

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