How to: correct LEDE configuration as WIFI Extender?

Hello, I am novice to LEDE and networking and would like to ask for your assistance:

I have a TP-LINK RE450 range extender wherby the stock firmware has a flaw - it transmits the extended network with TKIP cypher only, and there are no settings to force AES.

Hence I decided to flash with LEDE, which worked successfully. However, I am not able to get internet on the extended network, and would like to ask for your assistance in the configuration, using the web interface. Here are the steps I already performed:

  1. Changed IPv4 address of range extender in Network/Interfaces - Edit LAN. Reason: My host router is already

  2. Removed pre-existing LEDE network on radio0 and radio1

  3. Connected to MyHostNetwork in "Client" mode on radio0, and kept the "Name of the new network" field as is (wwan); Assign firewall-zone" left ticked on proposed "wan: empty". Submitted, save and apply.

  4. Add new network to radio0, ESSID "MyHostNetwork Extended" (I want it to be able to see it to distinguish from MyHostNetwork); Mode: Access Point; Network: ticked "wwan" and "lan"; Wireless Security: WPA2-PSK, Cipher Force CCMP (AES) - I don't want any TKIP; save and apply

  5. Wireless overview status: MyHostNetwork shows in Client mode and connected; MyHostNetwork Extended shows in Master mode, and connected when I connect to it from my laptop. Associated Stations show MyHostNetwork as wlan0 with signal, and MyHostNetwork Extended with signal

  6. Result when connecting to MyHostNetwork Extended from my laptop: connected, but No Internet. Changed mode of MyHostNetwork Extended to Access Point WDS, but still No Internet Access on laptop

Please advise what is missing to get internet access on MyHostNetwork Extended?

Hopefully following the instructions in this post works for you: RE450 as a repeater

Thanks, unfortunately I'm not a network geek, just looking for very simple instructions for settings in the web gui...

Whoops sorry I linked to the wrong post. Here is the correct one: RE450 as a repeater - #3 by bobafetthotmail


Ok, just tested, network -> Wireless, make sure all radios are enabled, then press Scan, and then select the network you want to join, and click "Join network", then it will open a guided setup page where it asks you only the basic info to set up a new client network and then it generates a new client network for you saving the manual process I outlined above.