How to copy release config to my build env?

I installed OpenWrt 18.06 on a Raspberry Pi 3 B, and it's running great, but I want to mount an NFS volume, and NFS doesn't seem to be included. Fine, the docs say I should install kmod-fs-nfs but I'm guessing I need nfs-utils as well. However, they don't come up as available packages, so I ended up looking to do my own build, following the quickstart image building guide.

One thing is not clear to me though: if I use only the defaults in make menuconfig, will I basically get the same image as what I downloaded? Alternatively, is there a way to copy the config used to build the official release build to my build environment, and then customise it?

The release config is really simple:
practically just the defaults for your device plus LuCI GUI.

(in addition, a few kernel debugging options are tweaked, but nothing relevant.)

Simply just select your device and LuCI, and you get the "official release config".


With the notable exception of LuCI, yes. Copying the release config.seed will result in a build intended for a buildbot, which builds everything and is not appropriate for self-builds (and usually fails). Looking at that file and the output of ./scripts/ can help highlight things you may want to change.