How to control OpenWrt admin from cloud?

Please can explain details what use of VPS for this setup and u said again connect VPN.
I have VPN installed router using it.

VPS typically has a public IP and can host a VPN server which your clients can connect to.
This way you can securely reach and manage all clients and their subnets without public IPs.

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For simple router admin forwared to web like ngrok local web to web no need complicated. Please suggest cheap or free way. I need to steps of configuration.

a VPS is $10:ish/year, if you want cheaper, befriend someone with a public IP.


How to configure openwrt admin into VPS public ip. Can you describe step by step. I appreciated.

here you go

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Question is router admin panel remotely access in the website anywhere. Ddns can be but isp private network blocked all ip port for that need solution. All answers complicated, expensive and not clear description.

indeed, all answers are/will be complicated, there's no next->next>-next->finish solution.

In my world $10:ish/year isn't expensive, but that's just me.

Another option might be a VPN allowing torrenting, I guess they'd need to allow incoming connections.
But those will be more than ~$10/year.


No issue price. How to setup and configuration? Easy mode to advanced mode? I know about how to setup VPN in openwrt and DDNS openwrt. Any one sugguest me steps configuration through putty or luci.

configuring the router is the easiest part.

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Very little free options left then...and I think you meant "internal" but I understood you.

  • One option is to simply ask your ISP if you can pay them for a Public static IPv4 address - most offer this as an added service. :wink:

I apologize if someone else suggested that already. Also, see:

BTW, maybe you should begin setup; then ask questions with issues with your VPS server. Also, I'd advise Wireguard instead of OpenWrt if the server is Ubuntu-based (just personal suggestion).

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ISP doesn't have this kind of added service. I googled no one successful solution. still unsolved.

Does your ISP offer IPv6?

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I have no clue what this means, unless you expect us to have a manual to setup your VPS server.

Do you want another link to a tutorial for e.g. Wireguard instead of OpenVPN?



Yes @henok400, this is an option if you have IPv6; but your client initiating the connection would need IPv6 connectivity.

Be advised, that not all ubuntu-VPS are able to run wireguard, because of missing kernel modules. It depends upon type of VPS, and ubuntu version. I.e. I needed a "Virtual Dedicated VPS", not the simple, standard VPS.

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  • I guess the stand-alone repository from the developer is no longer available. OK.
  • I assumed a full bundled Ubuntu with an available full repository - but I understand your point.

VPSes usually run very old kernels.

If you need something wireguard capable, VPS probably isn't the right way to go. The Oracle free cloud host might be a better idea, they support new Ubuntu.

But it also depends on what OP intended to do with the remote access.

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I must be hiring the correct companies then!

VDS usually corresponds to a dedicated hardware server, meanwhile VPS is typically a VM.

VPS can run WireGuard as long as its kernel has enabled the relevant modules.
It's usually easy to achieve on a KVM-based VPS where you can install virtually anything.

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The once I've had in the past did, yes.

But then again I've only used the $10/y ones ,)