How to connect to AP with WEP

In client mode, I can not connect to an access point with WEP encryption.

Please tell me how to set up the connection of my client with openwrt to an access point with WEP encryption.

Connect to my router via ssh

root@OpenWrt:~# iw dev wlan0 scan
BSS 00:24:01:18:b5:d7(on wlan0) -- associated
	TSF: 967973414052 usec (11d, 04:52:53)
	freq: 2437
	beacon interval: 100 TUs
	capability: ESS (0x0431)
	signal: -54.00 dBm
	last seen: 120 ms ago
	Information elements from Probe Response frame:
	SSID: veta71

what to do next?

WEP was actually removed in mid 2020, so depending on what version you are running, your next step would be to compile your own firmware.

Otherwise, configure it in /etc/config/wireless as per the wiki or use luci

You are well aware that WEP is insecure, aren't you?

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my router is tp-link archer c6u with openwrt-21.02.1
I will have to connect it in client mode to an access point that has WEP

does it only have WEP ?

Unfortunately, I am forced to ask questions due to the impossibility of another solution.
I don't control wifi hotspot.

OpenWrt does not support WEP anymore, the binary image doesn't provide any way for this. All you could do, is changing hostapd's feature configuration (CONFIG_WEP) at build time.

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Or downgrade to 19.07.8 where it still exists.
This is really only a temporary solution as that branch is approaching end of security updates.

Options (best to worst):
Change upstream router encryption
Learning to recompile 21.02
Downgrade to 19.07.8

please give a link to the image 19.07.8 for tp-link archer C6U

Doesn't exist, support for this device was only added at the end of march 2021.


so only "Learning to recompile 21.02" remains
maybe someone will do it for me?

to get a system image that I write to my router, do I have to follow this instruction

what should i do and where to enable WEP support ?

I don't use the OpenWrt build system directly, so i'm not 100% sure, but in the wiki you linked you need to do the following (in order):

  • Downloading Sources
  • Selecting tag (v21.02.1)
  • Using official build config (21.02.1)
  • Update/install feeds
  • Menuconfig (search for "WEP" and enable it, save and exit menuconfig)
  • make download
  • make

If you follow all those sections in that order you should get pretty close

i did it !
thx !


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