How to connect to a hotel wifi

Hello, I've got openwrt running on a raspberry pi with a second wifi adapter as a travel router and I'm in a hotel that requires you to connect to their network then open a web browser and enter information. Is there a way to do this with openwrt and if so how?


Im not using/not familiar with travelmate can you give me a little more information?

From the thread linked above:

Navigate to Network --> Wireless
Click on "Scan" next to your client adapter.
Click on "Join Network" next to the desired network (AP).
Modify configuration if necessary, tick "Replace wireless configuration".

don't forget to put the joined wifi in the wan firewall zone.

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Once connected and routing you can then open a web browser on any PC connected to the LAN side of the router and log in to the hotel network. Since this authorizes the router not the PC, any other devices connected to the router will also have Internet access without them needing to do anything.

There are some ways to automate this process, which would need to be tailored to exactly how the hotel system works. If the hotel is using a system designed to make it difficult to automate you would still need to log in with a browser.

Another easy way for you is to do it is change the MAC on your computer to something arbitrary, use it to enter the info into the captive portal page. One authenticated, disconnect, make a note of that alternate MAC, revert the change to your PC MAC address, then use that alternate MAC on your OpenWRT adapter.

Not sure what operating system you are using on your PC, but even Windows 10 has a "Random Hardware Address" feature you can turn on temporarily to achieve this.

If you have been able to connect to hotel wifi but can't open the browser ( I suspect you would be directed to a captive portal if you just connect to hotel wifi by your phone) you should go to DHCP and DNS and disable rebind protection.

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