How to connect 2 routers in same subnet


I have two TPLink Archer routers in different locations with external private IP and assigned.

I want to create another subnet (192.168.2.X), router1 with IP and router2 with IP,
in this subnet 192.168.2.X, some devices connected to router1 and some devices connected to router2,
I want to configure the routers to be in this same subnet 192.168.2.X and route traffic between the devices.

router doesnot support bridge mode

is it possible without or with OpenWrt flashed on?

Are they interconnected?
Do they need to route the traffic, if not

they are not directly wire connected, but able to ping with private IP and

I want the 2 routers to route traffic for subnet 192.168.2.X only

So how are they connected?

Maybe a diagram would help.

does this help?

I want to setup the 2 routers to route traffic for subnet 192.168.2.X only between the 2 different locations

That will not be possible to do.

Do you control all 3 routers?

no, only the 2 routers for subnet 192.168.2.X

is it possible to have 1 router as shown below?

No, not if you don’t control the main router.

You could setup a vpn between the two routers that you do control. But the cannot be using the same subnet. You must have 2 different subnets for routing to work

initially all devices are in one location so it works well, as shown below, but now I need to move some devices out to other location, what is the best solution to handle this case?

since the gateway have a IP, I assume it's NATing ?

if that's the case, why not put everything behind the gateways firewall, skip the double NAT, and let the Archers act as APs ?

or is there something you're not telling us ? :wink:

yes the gateway with IP is NATing

but I need another subnet 192.168.2.X/24 for my devices only to isolate from other IP

keep talking, perhaps your issue can be solved in some other way ...

A site to site vpn is the only way I see this working if the op doesn’t control the main gateway and wants an isolated network. But the two routers would need to be different subnets.

that's all the info I have, I want to achieve connecting same subnet in different locations with router

that, or put a 4th device in the middle, but I'm curious on what he's trying to achieve.

maybe it's possible if the router supports bridge mode so they are bridged with the same subnet?

differrent locations as in ... two rooms, flats, buildings, suburbs, cities (, planets) ?

different rooms, 5 mins by waking :joy:

and I assume you don't control the wires between location A and B ... VPN it is then.