How to configure wifi router with radio0 and radio1

I am a new OpenWrt user with a basic knowlegde of networking.

I need to configure a wireless router with a wireless wan and a wireless lan for connecting to Internet of a WISP in a harbor. I need a router/gateway to protect the lan behind the router.

I have a Linksys wrt1900acs with OpenWrt installed.

I want to make use of both radios, one for the wan and one for the lan.

At the wan side of the router I have a wifi client to connect to the internet with radio0 (5 GHz).

At the lan side of the router I have a wifi AP with radio1 (2.4 GHz) The AP is dhcp server for the clients (laptops, mobile phones and printer).

The AP has his IP address changed to be different from the wan subnet.

For some reason only when I add a extra wifi network to radio0 it works, I need a configuration that works without that extra wifi network.

How to configure it?

Goeie morge.

It should be as simple as:
Setting up 5Ghz ( radio0 ) as client connecting with the network you want it to be connected with.
Then setup 2.4Ghz ( radio1 ) as Access Point.
That should all be it really.

Goeie morge!
I did just what you said but then the AP says "disabled" and "wireless is not associated".
When a have a second AP at radio0 and I reboot the router it works. The question is how to get it work without the extra AP?

Just start fresh.
Remove all radios. Go in with a clean sheet.
Then scan for networks. Join the network you need to access and poof. There you have it.
After that create a new radio for 2.4Ghz and that should be it. If it causes a hickup just reboot the router.

Now we're here anyways. What harbor are we talking about? :smiley:

The Sliksloothaven in Krimpen ad IJssel, the WISP is Binnenvaartnet.

Do you mean remove all radios or all wireless devices/interfaces?

Aha.. Yeah that is not far away from me.
Just remove all the radios not the interfaces.

Sorry, I cant remove the radios, I can rescan, I'm using Luci.
Are you Dutch?

Haha yeah i'm dutch.
What you got to do is remove the networks associated with the radios.
Just completely clean again. From there within 5Ghz ( radio0 ) rescan for network and find the network you need to access. Then just connect to it.
Then setup a 2.4Ghz network ( radio1 ) set that up as a AP from there it should all be stable. :smiley:

It works after I reboot the router. Thank you very much.
Is it normal that you have to reboot the router when I change configuration and save & apply?

I seriously have no clue if it is normal, doesn't seem to be normal..
But i guess wireless functionality in openwrt has not matured enough yet. I know they are working on it daily to make it more stable :smiley:
Also good thing that it works now! :smiley: in case you need more work done just hit me up!!

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