How to configure the openwrt to access the internal ipv4 only device by using ipv6

Hi guys!
i have a PC2 that can only access the internal ipv4 and i have another PC1 can access global ipv6. now i have an openwrt router, this router have a global ipv6 address but have only an internal ipv4 address. PC1 can connect to openwrt with ipv6.
so how can i use PC1 to access PC2 by using ipv6? for example, i deploy a nginx web server on PC2 listening port 80, i just use PC1 access [2001::1234]:80 that would access the PC2
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You would need an IPv4 to IPv6 reverse proxy to do the protocol conversion.... but if your OpenWrt router has an IPv6 why not simply configure IPv6 for your internal network including PC2? Then accessing PC1 will likely work out-of-the-box.


just assume that PC2 can't use ipv6, should i configure the "IPv4 to IPv6 reverse proxy" on my openwrt router? thanks!

Yes, it would need to be on the router.


Technically any position between PC1 and PC2 would do, but realistically your router is the best bet...

ssh 2001::1234 -L xxxxx:

But I would advise setting up key-based login only.

Nat64 i.e. with jool. You don't need a "reverse proxy". You can use a translation and this is IMHO more clean.

thank you so much!

thank you so much! i am now trying to configure it with jool.