How to configure snort

I am using DLink-DIR842 c1, I download snapshot firmware and I want to install snort. After install snort with .ipk provided on (I upload it on luci, I cannot use command opkg install snort), there are errors like picture below. What should I do to solve these errors?

What were the errors there? That might provide some insight as to why you're getting what look like run-time linking errors.

Posting terminal output, file content, or the like with the pre-formatted text button </> makes things a lot more readable.

I faced this
Unknown package 'snort'.
Collected errors:

  • opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package snort.

I have checked that for snapshot version, there is no snort package.
I downloaded snort.ipk package from the released version on, but there are errors shown in the image when I run snort.

@ltreborn, welcome to the community!

Only install packages for the version of OpenWrt you have flashed. If there is no package for that version, there is likely some kind of build error - there is a way to access the snapshot buildlogs; but I do not recall the link at this time.

Please let me know if Snort does blocking on OpenWrt once you successfully install it.