How to configure OpenWrt in client mode?

Hey guys!
I have an Archer C7 V2 and I never have success using OpenWRT in client mode. Using standard firmware gives me great speeds but doesn't allow repeating with different subnet, so I use DD-WRT but it doesn't support great speeds. I use 5GHz network in client mode. I try to use Open-WRT following the tutorials, many of them are outdated because the current version is from 2021 and has a slightly different interface, but it doesn't connect. When I do it the way I think it works, it connects, but it gets unstable and constant drops in speed and disconnections. A pity, as Open-WRT supported the full speed, which is 620Mbps, while the standard firmware reaches 540Mbps and DD-WRT only 305Mbps.
Can anyone help on how to configure correctly and stable?
It is worth mentioning that most of the tutorials are in english, especially the videos, and I don't understand much, but I get by, you don't have to worry about my language, which is portuguese-br.
I apologize if there is any post about this, I searched for months and didn't find anything that went well

fwiw, it is usually a simple process.

  1. Suggest to factory reset owrt device to return to default openwrt settings (eg. to use 'dhcp client' on wan interface)
  2. Change LAN IP address. (WAN and LAN must not be on same subnet) eg.
  3. Scan & Join selected wifi network. (ssid and passphrase required)
  4. Change the chosen wireless interface to use 'wwan' instead of 'wan'.

Search the forum for C7 v2 wireless issues.


Ok, Bill!
This Monday I'll install it again and configure it, but I need to do this when no one is using it. As soon as everything goes well, or not, I'll return with the result. Thank u!

I configured the way you mentioned and I noticed that I was confused. The configuration made it work, but I don't know why it had a low speed, at first it was no more than 200Kbps, then it went to 20~60Mbps, so I decided to go for DD-WRT, it seems that the last compilation improved speeds at 5Ghz. Anyway, thanks for the help, this information can help many others.

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