How to configure L2TP+IPSEC client in OpenWrt 18

Hello everyone.
Can anyone provide me with step-by-step and up to date instruction how to configure L2TP+IPSEC client in OpenWRT 18 ?
I have L2TP+IPSEC server which running on Mikrotik and various clients which are connecting by Windows and Android devices. It's not a problem to configure Mikrotik-Mikrotik L2TP+IPSEC tunnel but Mikrotik-OpenWRT schema it's quite painful task))

Server side configuration.
Auth algoritm - sha1
Encription algoritm - aes-256-cbc
Pfs group - modp2048

IPSec profile:
Encription algoritm - aes-256
DH Group - modp1024, modp2048
Proposal check- obey

IPSEC - Proposal:

L2TP Authentification:

IPSEC - Protocol

I recommend you to get rid of Mikrotik device.

So you mean that it will help to configure l2tp tunnel. Right?
And in this case I'll be forced to configure not only client but server also. Great idea...

With both OpenWRT routers you have plenty variants to configure secure tunnel: OpenVPN, Wireguard, Strongswan, etc.

We have a lot of Windows, Android and Linux clients which works without any additional packages via L2TP. Also Mikrotik has HW offload for encryption and switch. How much routers with OpenWRT can provide me with same functions?

i tag this thread because i'm interested by the answer too