How to configure IPv6 nat

My router can ping IPv6 adress successfully ,but my computer can't. What should I do ?

There is usually no "NAT" for IPv6.

The default network settings should work for most people (so make sure you do not have some ancient network config from AA12.09, BB14.07 or so.

Most likely you should have

But the exact config will depend on your ISP, e.g. does it support prefix delegation? Do you get more than /64 for wan. /48, /56 or /60?

Note that if you IPv6 is configure over IPv4 PPPoE (like for example with Deutsche Telekom links) you should disable or even delete the wan6 interface. If this interface does not exist, the PPPoE client will create an mostly invisible wan_6 (note the underscore) interface which will make IPv6 work for clients. Nut I assume that this is not your issue...

My IPv6 is configure over DHCPV6

It's my configuration:

Thanks for help. Could you help me to check the config.