How to Configure as Repeater the AGPWI(A4001N1) on OpenWrt 18.06.2

Hi all,
I installed latest release of openWRT(18.06.2) on my modem/router AGPWI, i configured my Client-Mode but i can't go on the internet, which is the problem ?
The same configuration on TP-LINK MR3220v2(openWRT/LEDE 17.01.6) works perfectly.
I'm going crazy to understand why on AGPWI does not work, i can't install even the other packages.
Can you help me, please ?


You need to provide more info. You physical set-up, your configuration etc.

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Between, as I read it, 4 MB of flash, 32 MB of RAM and Broadcom wireless, it is close to useless. Both clearly warned at least he top of

It's possible configure AGPWI as Repeater on OpenWrt ?
I did the configuration as Client-Mode and works very well, but not works as Repeater,
Is there any way to make it become repeater ?
I followed this guide -> but not works.
The chip WiFi is Broadcom BCM6328.