How to compile a version of v17.01.4 with same kernel?


I'd want to compile a version of the standard image with UTF-8 support.

I've done that before, but my problem has been that I've been unable to use the standard packages after that, because of kernel version mismatch. Then I've started building my own collection of everything, but I always run into bugs when doing that.

What do I need to observe to be able to compile the busybox binary with UTF-8 support, while compiling a kernel that has the same version as the one that works with the official 17.01.4 packages?

Or am I ruined from the start, if the kernel version, for some reason, contains a timestamp, or something like that?

I am currently running a self-made 17.01.2 with my own package repository. And I wish I wouldn't have to do that again with 17.01.4 or HEAD.

Have you tried compiling busybox using the downloadable SDK for 17.01.4? I guess it may be possible if you made changes to busybox only and not the toolchain.