How to combine ethernet and wifi DHCP?

Hi all,

Kind of a newbie here, have searched and tried for days now and as I'm in danger of wearing out the reset switch on my router, I thought I'd better ask for help here.

To simplify: I've got an Archer c60 running openwrt, and it connects as a wireless DHCP client to my landlord's AP ( SSID: tp-link). I then have my own AP (wi_believe_I_can_fi) being broadcast on my same Archer c60. My AP is assigned to my interface "edsnetwork", which has a static IP and a DHCP server. My interface "edsnetwork" then goes to the firewall zone "edsfirwall". I then have a firewall rule setup to allow "edsfirwall" to talk to "wan".

This all works fine, and any wifi device that connects to "wi_believe_I_can_fi" gets an IP address in the 192.168.2.x range fine. But any device connected to the ethernet ports on the c60 gets an IP address in the 192.168.1.x range. I want the ethernet devices to be able to talk to and be in the same range as the wifi devices. how can I achieve this? At the moment I have the default "LAN" interface setup with the DHCP server running in the 192.168.1.x range.

I've included some screenshots in case it helps and/or my terminology is wrong. If anyone can help it would be amazing and save me even more days on it.

Have your wifi AP and the ethernet in the same network bridge. Usually that is LAN-- there's no real need to create a new network for what you are doing. LAN =, your lan clients wired or wifi. WAN = 192.168.0.X, the landlord's network which you are using only for Internet access.
The default firewall is already set up to forward from lan to wan, and block incoming connections from wan. There's no need to change it.

Do you mean in the settings for my broadcast AP I change the network from "edsnetwork" to "lan"? And then use the DHCP server in Interfaces - lan to put everything in the 192.168.2.x range?

Move the wifi AP into lan, and delete edsnetwork. The default settings will do what you need. All you really needed to do was create a wifi client and attach it as wan instead of a wired interface.