How to change WiFi AP channel without command 'wifi reload'?

I'm using MT7620N router with OpenWrt 18.06

For switch channel I'm try:

# iw dev wlan0 set channel 6
command failed: Resource busy (-16)


root@OpenWrt:/# hostapd_cli -i wlan0 chan_switch 1 2412

The commands

root@OpenWrt:/# uci set'1'
root@OpenWrt:/# wifi reloa

works fine, but it make reconnect.

How change WiFi AP channel without disconnect?

I don't imagine you could. Even if you make the changes using the GUI, it will have to reload to have the new settings in effect. The AP has to disconnect and have the clients connecting again using the new channel (or whatever else you are changing).


Suggested reading: Restart/reset/reload WiFi without disconnecting current clients

iwconfig wlan0 channel 5

edit: depending on your mac80211/wifi driver and kernel even this might not work, as the different cards have different reconnect/disconnect implementations across various driver combination versions

You will have to first set down that interface and then you can change channel.

Please follow below steps:
ip link set wlan0 down
iw dev wlan0 set channel 40
ip link set wlan0 up

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