How to change source code to enable wifi?

I have a router that is installed on the ceiling. Every time I reset the router the wifi are all disabled. I have to connect to my PC using a lan cable, it's really annoying.

Build an image with a suitably configured /etc/config/network in the ROM.

how? source code doesn't have the /etc/config/wireless file.

Create and add to the files/ directory in the source root.


I had the similar issues and now I just configure the entire router from scratch by a collection of custom scripts under /etc/uci-defaults. A short example (not tested)

/sbin/uci set wireless.radio0.disabled='0'
/sbin/uci set wireless.radio1.disabled='0'
/sbin/uci commit

In case, you can log into your router (using putty/ssh), try following "quick and dirty" hack: create (or edit)
having following contents:

wifi up

was already answered multiple times. how about using some search before starting thread? Supporting ionik Wifi Cloud Hub (8MB Flash, 64MB RAM, RT5350F, battery, 8€)


This is what i was searching, thank you

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