How to change rsyslog time

Hi, on my device logread and date shows correct time but rsyslog show time in UTC formate.
i tried custom template with time generated option, but still same.
my /tmp/TZ shows correct zone.
any suggestion to solve this?

Thanks in advance

by using the search ?

I've missing /usr/share/zoneinfo folder ...
not anyother way to solve this using /etc/rsyslog.conf

you didn't really get past the initial posts in any of those threads, did you ?

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i followed the first one but it did not solve my issue.

what if im unable to install new packages?

then you're probably not using openwrt, but a derivative.

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no im using openwrt 23.05.

then you need to tell us why you can't install packages, we're no mind readers.

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due to memory issue i dont want to install new packages sir.
please tell me can we solve it using rsyslog.conf or it mandatory to install zoneinfo package

you could try, but I don't know if it's supported.

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not working for me...

then I guess the answer to your question is yes, you need to install the packages

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got it.