How to build OpenWrt with glibc insted of musl

How to build openwrt with glibc insted of musl?

You select glibc in the toolchain options before you start compiling from the sources.

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Interesting. Am i need to compile glibc toolchain then use it with image builder?

You can't use the imagebuilder for glibc.

You need to use the full toolchain to build everything (including the toolchain) from sources.
Clone the source repo and start from there.

What after that?

Please read the wiki...

But only avalible libc in make menu config is musl

You need to first select "Advanced configuration options (for developers)" in menuconfig,
then you see and select "toolchain options",
and then you should see the libc selection option.

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I dont have this menu option(dont have everything in advanced menu) and libpam dependency error when make packages

you need to [*] the advanced options entry, to see the submenu options.

Thanks. Trying to compile this now

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