How to build OpenWrt firmware for ZBT WE-2806?

can anyone tell me how to build firmware for ZBT-WE2806 ?
These are the hardware specs:

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It´s currently not supported!

Refer to:

dear sagar jain

I have this same router, ZBT WE-2806, I tried to update its serial openwrt version and the result was a disaster...

I tried the following versions and they worked with the minimum necessary:

LEDE 17.01.7
OpenWrt 18.06.7
OpenWrt 19.07.2

they all had the same problem, the router reboots after 3 minutes active...

i tried to contact the vendors of this equipment so they could provide me with the original openwrt firmware and they sent me an older version than the one that came as standard with the rauter. the problem is that this version restarts every 8 minutes and 7 seconds and i don't know what to do to get my router working again...

Did you get any information from this router? Can you help me?


Watchdog is causing this problem...
Watchdog operation instructions

  1. The first pin of the watchdog is the input pin, which is connected to the watchdog GPIO output pin of the CPU, and is used to detect the heartbeat packet of the CPU's watchdog GPIO output.

  2. If the watchdog has a heartbeat packet on the first pin, then the watchdog does not take effect.

  3. After the watchdog is powered on for the first time, if the heartbeat packet is not detected on the first pin of the watchdog, the watchdog will take effect in the 240th second after the power is on; After the watchdog takes effect once, if the watchdog does not lose power, and the heartbeat bag is still not detected in the first pin of the watchdog, then the watchdog takes effect every 120 seconds. That is, after the watchdog is powered on, if the heartbeat packet has not been detected, then the watchdog takes effect at 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, ..., minutes.

  4. After the watchdog is powered on, if the watchdog's first pin detects more than three heartbeat packets, and after 120 seconds, the heartbeat packet is not detected always, then the watchdog will take effect.

Heartbeat packet: high level for 1 second, then low level for 1 second; then high for 1 second, then low for 1 second; always repeat.

The watchdog takes effect: the entire device or 4G module has lost power for 10 seconds, then power on again.

can you tell me how to get the openwrt 19.07.2 for the same router ?

dear sagar_jain,

Thank you for responding, I will study more Watchdog operation instructions, as I don't know much about the subject...

how to get the openwrt 19.07.2:

first of all, enter the Breed web recovery console mode:

  • Breed option 3: firmware backup: download a copy of the firmware and the eeproom, you'll get two files:
    full.bin - what is the firmware of the WE-2806, can you share it with me?
  • Breed option 2: firmware update:

I used this firmware:

and that's it

It is impossible for me to disable Watchdog operation instructions, it is active because it is visible by this call:


ubus call system watchdog


"status": "running",
"timeout": 30,
"frequency": 5,

Can you help me?

thank you so much

soon i will let you know

Thanks, I'll keep researching.

If you can make a backup of the original software and you can share it with me, I would appreciate it very much.


OpenWrt 19.07.3 works perfectly with the ZBT WE2806 router, the only problem so far is the constant restart caused by watchdog every 2 minutes...

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