How to build OLD OpenWRT on 32 bit Linux?

Hi there,
my question is almost in the subject. I want to build same version (Barrier Breaker 14.07) as I use now (please don't talk "it's deprecated, has security risks etc, it's my choice for now) on TP-LINK WR-1043 and MR-3220 routers. I (still) use 32 bit Linux (Fedora 24) on my laptop I'll use to build.
I need to build my own version, because I need to free space to use mwan3 on 3220 which has only 4M flash. Using "prebuilt" BB from OpenWRT archives leaves not enough flash to install it.
Prebuilt SDK / toolchain in archives are for 64bit.

My current problem is: how to build 32bit toolchain?
And then how to build image/packages. I guess I'll need to use git clone, but how to select so old release?

I'll answer myself:

git clone
./scripts/feeds update -y
./scripts/feeds install -y
make menuconfig
adjust .config to CONFIG_TAGET_ar71xx_generic_TLMR3220=y instead of

make :slight_smile:

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I’ll leave this here to warn others that the security risks are genuine.

For learning/academic purposes it’s fine to do this, but I would not put a device into service for anything else.


I is behind another ADSL router's NAT, so I think "don't worry". Not exposed to "outside world".

Also had to adjust URL of kernel source as 3.4 is no longer hosted on OpenWRT site:

I have managed to build working software, how can I share .config for others? (this one includes ser2net, iwconfig, mwan3, lsusb and STILL has 224kB flash free (on 4/32 device!)). Update successful keeping config from "stock" BB.

Now I'll try: 1). "stock" 18.06 (I guess default build options will not leave enough flash to include "my" packages), then 2). build 18.06 using Buildroot. I don't need PPP, IPv6.

got working "stock" Chaos Calmer 17.01" on MR3220 (last version for this router :frowning: ).
df shows 152kB flash free, nice.

NOT nice, trying to install mwan3 fails, "not enough space". Now question is, HOW to build "modern" OpenWRT for 4M flash device? Getting rid of IPv6, at least (maybe PPP), but including mwan3.

There IS "stock" image for TP-LINK MR3220, but there is NO choice of this router if I try to use Buildroot. Confusing. There is choice for WR1043ND (my other router but this device is 8/32 not 4/32.

Wha should I do? (which version of sources choose?).

Since this question is just the opposite of what is written in the topic title, please open a new topic for this question.