How to build libva for orange pi pc (H3) with hardware acceleration enabled

Hi all, I want to use the openwrt on orange pi pc system for video decoding with hardware acceleration. Allwinner-H3 cpu on orange pi pc is capable of that.

I have built openwrt from the master branch which has kernel 5.10 and enabled cedrus flags to activate hardware decoding capabilities of H3 on orange pi pc. It is online and running with success.

I have read that openwrt does not include a self-hosted compiler. From that, I understood that one can not compile and build a code on openwrt itself. It has to be built outside and then, the binaries have to be put (installed) in openwrt.

As forwarding steps, I would like to build libraries stated in this page for my system:

Those are:

Can you guide me on building those libraries for running on openwrt (orange pi pc) with hardware acceleration enabled?

Thanks for the quick reply. Creating custom packages for the libraries I mentioned seems complicated for now. However I will work on it.