How to bridge wlan 0 and wlan 1

been trying to bridge both wlan to wlan 0 i have created a new interface under the name HOTSPOT but when i add bridge like this
Network -> Interfaces -> "Devices" tab -> Add device configuration -> "General device options" tab -> Device type: "Bridge device" i could not see the wlan 0 and wlan 1 only eth0 lan and wan are visible how can i bridge both wlan 0 and wlan 1
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manikandan v

You don't have to add the wlanX in the bridge. You only need to add in each SSID the network name, which will be the HOTSPOT.

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you can't add them in that way
you have to choose the bridge in the wireless configuration

and it may not even work if you go in and switch it later
only on the first create of the wireless config will it perhaps work or on reboot