How to blacklist modules

Ok so I have successfully compiled my EM7565 gobi drivers into a new build, however they are not being loaded because other drivers take precedence (qcserial and qmi_wwan). I am unable to remove them from menuconfig because they are selected by default when I select my basic packages (rooter16) for a build. Normally in linux I would make a blacklist.conf file in etc/modprobe.d as well as a file blacklist[modulename].conf file for each module, but I am unsure how to do that with openWRT. If I ssh into the device and create those files will they persist between reboots? If I understand correctly the way routers work it dumps the working files since they are in ram and then reloads from its flash upon reboot. Should I just unload those modules on each boot? Any help is appreciated.

BTW I am using the rooter build kit for 19.07.2 and since I know the inevitable WHY do you want to do this instead of the default drivers is coming. I have been using these modules for several years and I am experienced with them in Linux, but I am new to using openWRT, I have searched them forum and read through the guides, but failed to find anything about blacklisting drivers post image build. I have conducted tests in several different builds of Linux when I used an APU as my router and the gobi drivers can produce significantly faster speeds than the generic drivers. Also they are the only drivers supported by Sierra Wireless support so if I experience a problem I cannot resolve they will only provide help if I am using their drivers.
Speaking of Sierra Wireless I have come to dislike Sierra Wireless in general because they are very unsupportive of independent developers like myself. Their default response in most cause is to contact your distributor for software/SDK/drivers, but since I bought it off aliexpress I do not have a distributor. They are very remiss to deal with a person individually and I usually have to explain my situation several times before the help me. I will never use a sierra wireless product again because of their attitude and thought I should spread this information around so that others know. Sorry to drone on it is a sore subject and reoccurring frustration for me. If anyone would like to see a basic example of their attitude check out this link below.

Unsupportive support from Sierra WIreless

There is no auto-loading of modules happening on OpenWrt, all modules need to be listed explicitly via /etc/modules.d/ (or not…).

Ok thanks that pointed me to just where I needed to go. Appreciate the help

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