How to alter sessiontime?

I will manipulate the time to auto logout and found in /etc/config/luci the section:

config internal 'sauth'
	option sessionpath '/tmp/luci-sessions'
	option sessiontime '3600'

I need a advice where and how I can set this option properly, luci or command line.

Looks like you're there, except for how to edit /etc/config/luci

vi is available, but isn't "user friendly" is one of many cheat sheets that may be enough. If you get into trouble with vi, [ESC] should get you a colon (:) prompt at the bottom of the screen, from which q! means "quit and don't save"

nano is available as a package, which many find a little easier to use.

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Okay thanks. I wasn't sure about to change manually. I have nano.

uci set luci.sauth.sessiontime="3600"
uci commit luci
service uhttpd reload
  • Just edit the file and save.
  • Then run /etc/init.d/luci reload
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